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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 2, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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a last minute push to get ut the vote tonight before san franciscos go to the poll tomorrow to discuss several hot button issues. >> tomorrow is election day. while much of the bay area will will be sitting this one out, some contentious issues are being decided in san francisco. one candidate got a slap in the face late today while out campaigning. >> reporter: frank, it was supervisor julie christianson, her campaign says she was not injured, and miss say this was random, and not politically motivated. but it came on a day, when she and other candidates were out very hard trying to get the
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vote out. they were testing the ballot counting machine. >> everything we're seeing is run along the lines of similar elections in the past, and it would be about a 42% turnout. >> reporter: in this nonpresidental year, the fate could hinge on who gets more people to polls or mail in ballots to the mailbox. the district three supervisor had supporters waving signs. julie christianson fighting to keep her appointedded seat was also campaigning on polk seat, but she had an unwelcome encounter when she was slapped in the face by a stranger. the person appeared to have a mental illness and was taken across town for evaluation. vicki hennessy, former chief deputy sheriff is the main challenger as sheriff ross mirkarimi faced reelection.
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he has been in the national spotlight for his handling. while you cannot predict turnout at the polls, the trend shows the majority will probably be cast by mail. >> the last time we had more than 50% cast was at the 2008 presidential election. every election since then, more people have voted by mail than voted a the polling places. >> reporter: they've set incompetent a series of web cameras inside the department of elections, so you can watch live streaming of the ballot counting 24 hours through the day, the night and tomorrow. they are expecting the first round of results to start coming in at 8:45 tomorrow night. >> voter in san francisco will
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also have a chance to weigh in over short term rentals. a group of proposition f supporters descended on the headquarters of air bnb today, which has poured millions of dollars into the no on f campaign. the issue is dividing residents. some benefit from the money they get renting out spare rooms. >> i will lose probably close to 80% of capability to earn income. >> i see on my street alone, there are 22 different units that are being used as vacation rentals. short term rentals. >> air bnb says it did not create san francisco's housing crunch, nor the sky high rents. opponents say short term rentals have made it worse.
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stay with ktvu for election coverage. tomorrow, we'll bring you up to the minute results right here on the 10:00 news. the first big storm of the season rolled across northern california today, bringing rain to the bay area, and snow to the sierra. so are you ready for some winter? it could be the beginning of the end for our drought. we'll hear from our chief meteorologist, bill martin in a moment. >> reporter: time to break out the rain coats, frank. add to that, the drop in temperatures, and darkness an hour earlier. it feels like we threw a switch and changed seasons. interstate 80 in solano county pounded by rain and hail. and as the storm moved into contra costa, people were excited enough to shoot video and share it. never has the sound of thunder, the patter of hail been so
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welcome as after 4 dry years. >> this is a good start, and we look how this one came in and fulfilled its promise on being wet. >> reporter: monitoring from sacramento, state climatologists are voicing real optimism. this first storm of the new water year sets up a stormtrack that influence by el nino should be reliable. >> we'll start seeing storms come through every three to five days. the duration of each storm will probably be a lot like we saw with this one. >> after the rain today, this is
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the drought? different watersheds are in different shape, but the short answer dozens. dozens of soakers like this one julie, between now and spring. >> all right, debora, thank you. how much rain did we get? bill martin is here now with some answers. bill? >> enough rain for the weather service to issue a flash flood
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a few inches fresh snow today. a little closer to the bay area, boil is going to turn on their lifts on friday. they also got new snow today. you can get weather information anytime you need it with our ktvu weather app. it's available for your smart phone, or for your tablet. it is not official, but there are a flurry of reports suggesting the 49ers have decided to bench struggling quarterback colin kaepernick. >> considering the way this organization has gone lately, in fact, you could say, they're
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circling the drain, and have been for quite some time. so a change was needed. when things get this bad, the quarterback is usually highly targeted. several media sources reporting that colin kaepernick will not start this sunday against the atlanta falcons at levi. no official announcement has been made by the team, but earlier today, the coach who has adamantly supported kaepernick in the recent past said only that everyone is being availabled. they be when asked upon a possible change, a radio show as late as 6:00 p.m. tonight, he said only he wouldn't go there, referring to the subject of a quarterback switch. kaepernick has played some of the worst football of his career this season. and the team has scored, not everyone as much as a touchdown in their last couple of games. san francisco has the lowest ranked offense in the entire nfl. as for kaepernick's
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replacement, the backup, blaine gabbert. he's a former number 1 draft pick of the jacksonville jaguars. in fact, was the 10th pick of the entire draft back in 2011. he's out of the university of missouri. was acquired by the 49ers in a trade for a 6th round draft pick last season. what can hurt to make little switch toward quarterback. amidst reports that kaepernick has been made a scapegoat and they've planned his exit, it would seem to coincide with them making a change, and here it is. exactly halfway through the season. >> i remember last year, i think it was on thanksgiving, when the 49ers had a horrible game, and jed york reported how he apologized to the team and the fans. here we have the team imploding this season, and yet, we haven't heard a word from jed
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york. >> haven't heard any public statement. you can also make an argument that last year, they had an agenda. last year, they wanted jim harbaugh out the door. this year, you know, no such agenda, so he hasn't said anything publicly. of course, there have been a lot of talk that they are planning to rid themselves of kaepernick. they've got an out in the contract. it's a 49er friendly contract. so it's all in what their interworkings are. but it has been rather odd. you're right, that nobody has made an absolute public statement on anything. the state of the team, any negativity surrounding it. >> with vernon davis going, and kaepernick, maybe not going to be there this weekend. >> the 49er trade to talk about, but good news with the warriors later in sports. >> mark, thank you. ♪ [ music ] chp officers respond to a
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report of a car crash on interstate 80 and find much more. the criminal investigation underway after the driver was shot. >> tracking the showers out of the area. what will your tuesday be like? i'll let you know which areas will warm up the most. >> the future of crime scene investigation. >> it's going to take us 360- degree scan of the area. >> at the touch of a button. it's like something straight out of minority report. a 3d scanner, built in a scanner in a matter of moments. after the break, ktvu goes inside this future technology that can help solve crimes from the inside out. not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. right now, save $500 on the veteran's day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology.
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new at 10:00 it sounds like something out of the tv show minority report, a futuristic scanner that can create virtual crime scenes at the touch of a button. >> how this cutting edge technology is helping one local department create a clearer picture of the evidence and save time and money. >> a powerful blast. a devastating explosion inside this suv sends debris flying everywhere. >> part of what i am tasked with is documenting the scene. >> reporter: it's as complex as a crime scene gets. but detective mark barris is about to map out all of this
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critical evidence in a matter of minutes. >> very intuitive. >> reporter: awe all he has to do is hit one button in this 3d scanner. >> it's going to take a 360- degree scan of the area, and it's going to collect those millions and millions of data points, measurements both on the horizontal and vertical access. >> reporter: the device captures millions of images and measurements, and builds a virtual crime scene. >> it's a very detailed scene. >> reporter: take measurements by hand, offer a painstakingly slow process. >> how long did that take? >> for something like this, it would be days. >> and it's way more accurate than i can probably come up with. >> reporter: the sonoma sheriff is one of a handful of law officers nationwide to use this technology to map crime scenes faster than ever.
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the department bought it just a few months ago, the grant money helped pay for the $80,000 device, and it's been instrumental in several cases so far from homicides. >> reporter: detectives get the answers they need sooner. >> i also look at how fast can i clear a scene? >> reporter: the scanner can also be a money saver. it only takes one detective to operate unlike the aging equipment, some departments use now. mapping a room this size, it will only take 10 minutes or so. the distance between me and my photographer, for example, at this explosion site, the device allows investigators to analyze the data captured by a computer
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is that much more accurate, helping prosecutors build a stronger case. >> this is a game changer? >> a huge game changer. >> you walking through you're scene. >> reporter: more and more departments are trying to secure the funding for one of these scanners. a high-tech leap into the future of crime solving. ktvu, fox 2 news. tonight, san francisco police are asking for an old fashioned tip as they look for help in identifying a murder suspect. investigators today released a surveillance video of the attacker. he's suspected in the beating death of a 60-year-old man on october 1. police say the attack happened inside a coffee shop in the 1400 block of van ness. the victim later collapsed on street and died. here's a closer look at that suspect, police say the man works in the construction trade in the city. san francisco police say
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anybody with information on his where abouts should contact police. nearly 2 million water customers in the south bay may start noticing a change in how their tap water change. azenith smith tells us why it may taste slightly dirt like. >> reporter: that may change as the santa clara valley water district is alerting the county's 1.9 water district, their water might taste funny. >> they might notice if their tasting super sensitive dirt like due to the algae, but it's not a problem at all. >> reporter: significantly lower levels producing the more earthy flavor. >> that doesn't mean the water is not safe.
10:19 pm
it's completely safe. >> reporter: while the water meets the drinking water standards inside the treatment plant, water officials say more ozone and hydrogen peroxide being added to the water to help with the odor. >> it seems inevitable, since we're in a drought and the reservoirs are going dry. >> reporter: the owner says he will buy a water filtration system if customers complain. so far, this water tastes fine. the water district says if you are sensitive to the taste, you can always refrigerate it, add ice, buy a carbon filter, or better let, just add a squeeze of lemon. >> it's an issue that may last weeks. >> we definitely are more cognizant on if it does happen. but hopefully we are waiting for some rain, so it does not
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happen. >> reporter: azenith smith. ktvu, fox 2 news. you're noticing this shot from twin peaks. there's upper market street. market street all the way out to the ferry building, the bay bridge, and it's just cool. tonight's temperatures in the inland bay valleys are going to get down there. the winter storm warning has been dropped. flood warning up in the burn area has been dropped. showers continue. definitely traveling 15 and 80, you want to think chains tonight. temperatures are cooler now. when you send the kids to school tomorrow, or you head to work tomorrow, you will be wearing a jacket, it's going to be chilly. some of these numbers, especially up in the north bay, you're going to be in the low 40s. that's enough with the wet ground to develop that valley fog. it's that time of year. all the rain we had, now some cooler overnight lows. tomorrow morning, look out for
10:21 pm
the centrally fog. cold, lower temperatures tomorrow morning. as we move forward tomorrow afternoon, it's going to be slightly warmer, and mostly sunny. when i come back, we'll put all of that together and go looking for the next round of rain. a soccer coach teaching more than just fancy footwork. >> at 10:30, how a bay area coach is inspiring students to achieve on and off the field. >> also, the warriors. boy did they make a statement in memphis tonight. mark ibanez will be back, with highlights from a big time blowout.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids.
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they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. police respond to a report  of a car crash late this afternoon, and discover a man od$cyjfnxbeen shot on a bay cm freeway. usy interstate 80 +l4just as the evening ñnco was getting underway and the oo3
10:24 pm
suspect's car got away. live with new information kwn tonight about pthe victim, heather. >> reporter: julie, a family member tells me that that driver is 22 years old, works at the chevron refinery, and is÷ from vallejo. i've had several questions about the shooting, but tonight, they're releasing little information. the view from the air shows a 8@-/a?4silver lsedan. ñflung open. the windshield 6'wipers still first responders discover there is more to this crash when they arrive and find mylthe driver  been shot multiple times. it' his cousin. he came to 8 the scene hoping  how koñúxdifferent things would if the to had met up as ubkhe wanted. >> +i luain't got -/ano vñprob
10:25 pm
nobody. rp+en't offer any information 5 about a motive, or if the shooting was random. investigators spent ÷nseveral hours at the scene, hooking for shell (a@gqcasings and other fn evidence. drivers were diverted as t westbound access to the freeway was blocked. the victim's car was eventually taken lpwfçaway from the area, carried away amidst multiple questions. that man was on his way here to cousin's condition. police say ."yñthat the man is critical condition. i also asked about a description of the shooter as well as a psuspect vehicle, bu that too is unknown. ÷live tonight, utside john mere medical center, heather holmes, ktvu, fox 2 news. the list of german made cars that @c=can cheat emission o include thousands yh@cqof luxu vehicles. today, the epa said tcxvolkswag installed software to cheat tests bon the p$obporsche $suv,
10:26 pm
audi models, é4and vw toreq. that's y./on top of allegations that it çórigged tests. the cars emit up to 9 times standards. today's rain [çístorm is creating kzkconcern serious concerns. communities $xñhitz(5uhard by t devastating wildfires. no +fevacuations were ordered. the lake county utilities department 3ompc5worries the 8e season could pose a big threat with '7óadditional runoff, and o mudslides. >> one of the main things we've done is to make sure xfnthat o culverters are clear.
10:27 pm
>> officials say there were no major flooding problems today. a bay area tradition that might be missing zvthis thanksgiving. at 10:45, the nbtoxic threat t may keep fresh dungeness crab off the table. >> also ahead, students pc< learning more than just gm0ébs9 skills. how a coach dzis teaching life
10:28 pm
10:29 pm
a b, soccer coach helping families with sjiñlittle or no resources the coach tells us, all #j,ñ students deserve a chance at @ better life and a college education, and some of the kids he's helped have been homeless. ktvu's amber lee hf7live with h he's making a difference. >> cethe pdñwsoccer coach tell comes from an upper middle class family. he 2zgt
10:30 pm
who struggled because their families didn't have the 0cg resources. >> quick feet, quick, quick, quick, quick. y8orter: coach teaches dedication and discipline to the soccer team. >> break that gm0ébsweat. >> reporter: along with the fancy footwork. ñthese kids, they 9sso i have outled. evea comes from a low income hlatin family. these players say he has made many of their soccer expenses " out of his own pocket. >> reporter: rofseveral of the students have been homeless. such g#as luis lopez. >> it's time where iwtu1ci can con the field and
10:31 pm
forget about h-t5other things g on. >> reporter: pfaat times this family slept in the suv. then came the death of his mother. it helped me really build my character. >> reporter: the coach says he uses the field as a pgaclassroo of sorts. >> ti show them what @
10:32 pm
giving them exposure to national tournaments. >> a full !>f)árr( $árr( $ and a 4.0 average. that's fantastic, thank you. wall street posted solid gains b!8frd'4!adding to last m strong showing. ñp now in positive territory for the year. nasdaq was up 73 and the s my
10:33 pm
approved would live walgreens aé combined 12,000 stores. this comes after f&@finishing ltarget pharmacies. reaç pleasantville high school. students xgggrieving the deaths two teenage girls over the weekend. how the tschool is ptrying to deal with the tragic loss. >> reporter: college q,@ñpark h school is where students from e pleasant hill and martinez make up a tight knit community. >> everybody is like sad. >> ,ñb>ñreporter: #wztwo deaths time with another girl hgt suffering serious injuries has people reeling. >> our counseling team. they have been working with the kids throughout the morning, pc well as staff. >> reporter: lost in this devastating hf7crash were miley heim, rg$and maureen smith. >> there's áo@not many kids tha can say, honestly, every time see them, i smile, and they're
10:34 pm
always able to make people smile. bad day, she always a smile on. her and lauren were both great girls. >> íkñreporter: the crash happh in un incorporated martinez as three girls left a halloween party. the one who survived likely fell asleep at the while bef/v the car skçslammed thew a tree up to 1wñ60 miles per hour. >> it was definitely a horrific tragedy. the vehicle was completely den%m!1ñas a result of the impact. >> reporter: the chp scs pyñth 16-year-old driver was 8ons of ímuher license, driving rs
10:35 pm
eventually face charges of vehicular komanslaughter, addi under similar circumstances. ktvu, fox 2 news. puppies raised goáqfor mea and the rescue operation ."yñth activists said freed them, and 5 will soon have them up for rñtalk about your tuesday forecast. we're going to move p forward that warm up that continues this week. how warm is it going to get as week. ñfight and how the driver fought back.
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♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪ have you seen this dash 5-f video, it shows a cdriver in a uber car, the driver m+>stops t car and tells the passenger zm- get out because he was drunk.
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the passenger looks like he's .wbut q+5starts , swinging. out his pepper spray. the passenger was released. taco bell announced today it rom his corporate position. speculation !+eis going ove èlñwover egypt. !+eis going ove today the company ruled out technical failure and human error, saying it úbvappears th investigators are looking at an onboard explosion of =.5some ki of a missile attack or structural failure. an isis affiliate claimed it intelligence forces aren't so 9 sure. 9u wouldn't rule it out. >> tainvestigators have recove the plane's black boxes ÷)i6an
10:39 pm
hoping p to get some answers. the plane disappeared on its way from egypt to russia. all 220 people onboard were killed. some dogs rescue from a south korean dog meat farm were rescued. showing the dogs packed up, and remove from that farm. the group says the farmer has agreed to stop raising dogs ;/7 this was the third dog farm in south korea closed this year by the á0gñ("vhue many society. put those dogs up for v:adopti after they've 0a'undergone che ups. a
10:40 pm
vote tomorrow on legalizing the recreational use @qe=of çómari there. ohio would be the first midwestern state hgtto ÷k3wñall use of marijuana for recreation. the measure is ((mbacked by a number of celebrities, including reality tv star nick lachey. pacific u/"northwest expect ua wlpñof people qwesi e. coli outbreak tc7to rise. cases were traced to six restaurants, prompting the o close all locations gç both states. about a dozen other people are being btested in washington state, and dchhealth officials searching for ufmore ubkcases. this is the third airborne illness chipotle has faced ÷thi year. the chain had 6a salmonella óñand4 norovirus in simi valley in august. nd hail.
10:41 pm
bill úé&u)back his ñ.'complete 6 forecast, and whether there's any more rain on the horizon. >> plus a thanksgiving j that may have
10:42 pm
10:43 pm
news tonight in oakland, police are looking for a homicide a-çsuspect who rode on a bicycle. officers responded to reports of
10:44 pm
of an algae q,@ñbloom may delay start of crab season. >> we have been looking forward, eagerly to the season. we've been retrofitting ágéthe boat ÷çóçright kçznow. the +crab fresher. >> reporter: this v'2year, the season may, emphasize maybe canceled because they found the summer (ain one of the biggest algae blooms ever found pflnvq warm pacific ocean. qwh algae g=plants. u)o ]%[toxin, that's 2dquite harmful in largeh quantities. >> reporter: mussels and crabs eat them, in ÷nreturn, it can  enter the crab systems. -other sea life can then be poisoned by ÷vom>'ó g=
10:45 pm
tainted crab. >> the animals shed this 2ymtoo but on the flip side, it then 3 shed out of their system and be safe to eat once again. >> reporter: they have taken q crab samples and 4ç'jare curr the toxin. i think it might have held the season opener for a couple of weeks. >> reporter: tom creeden has #wí been in goáthe seafood fishingi/ n four decades. >> to my knowledge, we've never lost a season because of that. >> reporter: until the test results are back, the crab season is on. only until those tests are finalized will we know if it's really fáon +o &m ktvu, fox 2 news. tracking the ñ3wñweather oux this. we've ,#ñgot clear skies for th most part, it's going to be
10:46 pm
cool overnight. can't get enough rof that. pea +where's 6immar ide city is. over 750,000 mypeople in that area. in the general area, you were . looking at. ñhave moved through san francisco. other areas =/÷man inch and a h of rain. you think about the fire danger. we've 'n.been myon pins and w rain. i think we xlmight have just gotten it. this is huge. so we kind of maybe take '6th off the table. it's cool outside. it was cool outside. 47 in napa right now. look @b-at this. clear skies right now. the cool front slides through. temperatures 17 degrees 2g-cool right now in concord than ím=t wnthis time. ght %,'ñarl 16degrees cooler f%in fairfield so a big qrñcool down. ñthat's the thing you're going to notice most tomorrow morning, obviously is how cool it's going wkkto be.
10:47 pm
i mentioned the opportunity for ut there. so ]xlet's be ready for that. san jose, you're going to go 65l in the morning.
10:48 pm
winter storm under our belts a bit. this is a dry period. then out (:n!towards the middl november, another nice looking weather system starts to tcome in. the model says around the 14th of november. i know it seems a long way off. that one looks significant. between now and then, that ÷shake loose. but nice to +9véget some 0jf >> it was real rain. thanks bill. nwe talked a+4about colin kaepernick earlier, but the 49ers also made za trade today with the future in mind, and the warriors, they just went sports. >> up first, vbythe hiring bli beginning for super bowl l in santa clara.
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
a highering blitz is getting gnunderway in the bay area. super bowl ;50 is now just a fe months away, and h#ocompanies a looking to add more çworkers their rosters. jose. more than 30 companies and agencies were looking to hire more people. it's work is < linked to the a game 6o&n february, and won't necessarily end when the -game does. some of the peemployers include san hf7jose police and the and
10:52 pm
san jose sheriff's department. first, let's talk about ñl zaway s;nfor the 49ers. >> but the warriors tonight, incredible. >> they're in cwlw3full swagger right bnnow. it's outrageous. you =k:do not beat another hf7n team by 50 points. sure enough, the warriors go [iblown harlem fá<  globetrotter. they've outscored opponents fo1 100 points. never been -/adone before in th first four games of an nba season. vin diesel 9.4on hand, but 9qhñ pales in compareson to the warriors p9action figure. urry's defense coming up. this time, the steal leads
10:53 pm
directly to this. nice move the left hand to get it to go down, incredibly acrobatic. 30 points. the crowd on fire. curry, this time will drive to the bucket and get it to go down. 30 come in the 3rd quarter. warriors in kohe 2nd and 3rd quarter xfnoutscored memphis 7- 67. zrit's wckyjames michael, the slam. qwh the warriors. the there. 119-69. that is pnot a misprint. by now, the swp49ers have benched pc5-pcolin kaepernick. "n2 sunday. seen earlier ébtrading tight e
10:54 pm
in exchange, they get a 6th round pick in the 2016 draft and a 6th round pick in 2017. nfl these m/]days. you don't get a lot in d2trades crazy day cmhin niner headquarters. but hard to forget the aussie is back. jç weekend. nobody else got him, so the 49ers have signed him to the c activat anytime now. were you one of those that flipped the station a little early on monday night, when it looked like the panthers were easily x"utñqwhroll i]0gzzg7th÷ and remain one of the nfl's @
10:55 pm
luc the stanford connection. %/o his former cardinal mate. they will çtie it and send it overtime. 52yards. panthers win it. they're 7-0. a wild finish. 29-26 in overtime. now that the world series how about this one. less than a week ago, reported > all over the place, the washington nationals had hired % bud black as their new manager. now according ÷nto the au.s.a today, áthe nationals are talking nbseriously with hf%dus baker about that managerial position. $& bitterly disappointed in not
10:56 pm
feeling he would have been perfect fit for the team. reporting the nationals will in fact offer the job to dusty baker. we'll çkeep you posted on -/at have dusty baker back in baseball. meanwhile, pback to 0p&l. raiders@-ts$xe/cúcertainly on uptick. taying in oakland, no. following their impressive win [ over the jets x"ion sunday. very much in the playoff conversation. off the field, iu$the city of d% oakland has hired a consult he want, charged with a job of coming up with a plan to build a new stadium in 5ánñthe :mbjf one that will not fáinclude taxpayer money. " that plan presented within a week. that's the sporting night for , monday night. >> it was a busy night, mark, thank you. thanks for joining us tonight. coming up next, modern family. >> and we'll see you tomorrow. mornings on 2. can +always find us online anytime úf$on faceboo%
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and twitter. see you later. >> good night. selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at
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getting this? manny: i'm getting the shot. i'm just not getting what you're trying to do. [ groans ] we're in australia -- it's on the bottom of the globe, so everyone here but me is upside-down. it's geography. it's a good time to tell you -- i dropped luke on his head when he was 1. oh. phil: okay, i'm up. did you drop him, too? [ chuckles ] grab my leg, buddy. here we go. oop. i come from the land down under. he doesn't. i was conceived in australia on my parents' honeymoon. it was a romantic summer night -- their summer -- on a blanket in the park. i still have that blanket. phil's mom left us money for a trip there, and when the rest of the family found out, they all just jumped on board. my mom's grandfather was australian, and she'd spend her summers -- their winters -- visiting him. it was a very special place for her. she always wanted me to see it. wait -- you still have that blanket? yeah, silly. it's the one on our bed.


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